Use Cases

BYOD, solved

SILO isolates the browser application from malware infected endpoints or unsecured devices…providing remote workers safe + secure access to the corporate cloud on any personal devices.

Data Sovereignty

Ensure that sensitive data is only unencrypted in specific, well-defined policy domains. Utilize SILO to programatically enforce these pollicies in a hybrid or remote setting.

3rd Party Contractors

Utillize SILO to govern how contractors use or access your internal corporate resources. Easily set and enforce policies around the apps and  functions they are permitted to access.

Forensic Audit Logs

Greatly reduce the time and cost of any cyberattack by implementing granular, policy-based audit logs direct from the browser itself.

Any Endpoint

Secure your BYOD workforce with enterprise security, data governance, policy enforcement, and granular RBAC on any any location.

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Protect against
Zero-Day Exploits

Embedded with faster patching mechanisms + auto-update turned on, SILO was designed for adapting to new web-based threats as they are discovered.

Safe Browsing

SILO protects users from phishing attacks and malicious websites by natively integrating anti-malware and isolation technology directly into the browser.

Virtual Desktop

Remove the massive costs and maintenance needs of VDI. Let SILO provide your workforce with a user-friendly + secure vehicle for remotely accessing corporate apps.

Compliance & Privacy

SILO lets admins set role-based policies that mask or tokenize certain sensitive datasets. This enables collaboration while decreasing risk of compliance or privacy violations (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.)

Secure your Enterprise