Meet our team

“We set out to create a browser for work, one that both empowers employees and protects companies.”

Jeff Wecker
Co-Founder +  Architect
Greg Marx
Co-Founder + CEO
Bruce Morgan
Browser Pod Leader
Kevin Glavin
DevSecOps Pod Leader
Michael Marx
Co-Founder + President
Stephen Wolfram
Technical Architect
Stefanie Nash
Business Development
Gene Radin
Head of Product
Lisa Melinte
Lead Designer
Stew Whitman
Project Management Lead
Pusheng Zhang
Machine Learning Architect

Our story

The ubiquitous shift to remote work and the ever-increasing frequency and cost of cyberattacks on SMEs has highlighted the need for a new kind of browser designed specifically for the new generation of work.
We set out to build exactly that…an Enterprise Browser with the  cybersecurity and encryption tools that allow any size enterprise to frictionlessly secure, manage, and scale a location-agnostic workforce.
We assembled a first-in-class team of cybersecurity engineers, browser architects, and machine learning experts to build an automated + scalable next generation  solution for the hybrid work environment.

Secure your Enterprise