The Hybrid

The Zero Trust Browser designed to help enterprises secure and scale the new generation of distributed work.

A one stop shop to secure your enterprise.

Built for enterprises of all sizes, SILO was developed from the ground up with the cybersecurity, encryption, and data management tools to secure, manage, and scale a diverse + distributed hybrid workforce.

Zero Trust
Data Loss
Role Based
Access Controls
Identity Access

A remote control, for your remote workforce

Deploy a complete + sustainable cyber resilience framework in the new era of cloud-based workers and web-based threats.

The shift to remote and hybrid work has changed the attack surface. Has your business experienced the change to hybrid work?

Cybersecurity, Simplified.

Protect Any Endpoint
Secure you BYOD workforce with enterprise security, data governance, policy enforcement, and granular RBAC on any any location.
Native Passwordless MFA
Seamlessly deploy passwordless authentication throughout your workforce and eliminate the vulnerabilities of "shared secrets". Increase security and decrease user friction with FIDO2 compliant MFA powered by PKI.
Safe Browsing Everywhere
Protect your employees and infrastructure from malicious sites.  Regularly scan for viruses with A.I. powered Anti-Virus + Anti-Malware.
Zero Trust Networking
Eliminate reliance on perimeter-based security with native mTLS capabilities for cloud-based ZTNA straight from the browser (No 3rd-party VPN needed).

Decentralized Protection with Centralized Control.

SILO’s management portal and easy-to-use UX provides Admins a centralized hub to control all access points of an enterprise’s infrastructure, whether it be on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Data Governance

Set granular policies that keep data where it’s supposed to be and prevent data leakage—irrespective of device or location.

Access Management

Control access to corporate applications, databases or specific functions with fine grained role based access controls + risk-based MFA.

Secure your hybrid workforce.
SILO provides enterprise-grade security for workers using any device, anywhere in the world. With direct access to user, device, and network telemetry coupled with a comprehensive set of embedded security tools, small + medium size enterprises can protect their businesses from debilitating cyber attacks at a fraction of the cost and complexity of current solutions.
See everything that is happening
Centralize visibility into your entire organization and remove the current blindspots of distributed workforces. Utilize SILO as a virtual extension of your corporation’s physical environment—allowing employees the freedoms of remote or hybrid work, without losing access to productivity, speed, and transparency.
Work Safer,  Scale Faster.
Remove the risks of new web-based threats, while future-proofing your workforce. With frictionless onboarding/deployment and instant revocation, SILO greatly reduces the costs and simplifies the implementation + management of enterprise security.