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What is Silo?

The shift to remote work and dramatic increase in frequency and cost of cyberattacks on SMEs has highlighted the need for a new kind of browser designed specifically for the new generation of work.
With the ubiquity of cloud-based SaaS applications and increased reliance on remote access to internal enterprise resources, the browser has become the central point of access to a corporation’s proprietary data and IP, and the central point of vulnerability for the most common cyberattacks.
Silo is an Enterprise Browser pre-built with an extensive toolbox of cybersecurity and encryption features which allows any size business to frictionlessly secure, manage, and scale a location-agnostic workforce.


Create secure, encrypted connections to corporate cloud applications and internal databases from any endpoint device…straight from the browser.

60% of all malware
infecting a given business arrives by way of the browser

- Osterman Research
The digital acceleration and move to hybrid work has turned the browser into the #1 most used corporate application, and the primary gateway for distributed workers to access Enterprises’ SaaS applications and corporate cloud infrastructure.
Hackers realize this, and have begun aggressively exploiting its known vulnerabilities to gain access to corporate databases and infiltrate private networks.
Despite its newfound role in the corporate stack, current browsers were designed for consumer use and access. They were not designed with enterprise-grade cybersecurity in mind.

The Market Need

The digital acceleration spurred on by COVID-19 and the “new normal” of hybrid work has fundamentally changed the way Enterprises operate:

Full Visibility

Gain access to the complete picture of user activity.  Remove the blindspots of the hybrid workforce and feed browser activity into your analytics platform.
SaaS App
Web Activity
& Search
Centralized &
Intuitive UX
Audit Log
Monitor Critical
Filter by user,
device and place


A Zero Trust, Enterprise Browser pre-built from the ground up with all the cybersecurity and encryption tools necessary for companies large and small to safely control access to internal corporate software and databases, without the high friction and costs of current solutions.


Fully control access to corporate applications, databases or specific functions with fine grained role-based access controls + risk based MFA.
SaaS Management
Access + PAM
Manage Browser
Set + Auto-Enforce
Passwordless MFA
Revoke access
& Wipe Data
Risk Based
Securely onboard users in minutes


Set granular policies that keep data where it is supposed to be and effectively prevent data leakage - irrespective of device or location.

Secure your Enterprise